The TRUE Effect of Chicken Hormones on Your Child

As a child growing up, my family had the wholesome tradition of enjoying a Sunday evening roast dinner, an experience I’ve no doubt many families share. Every week, without failure, my parentals would cook a simple yet satisfying meal of various greens, a dollop of mash potato, and prime cuts of a lovely roast chicken.

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Wholesome roast chicken. Or is it?

Until recently, these were memories I held fondly. However, the burden of truth is heavy, and now that I know the truth about what was in the chicken my parents unknowingly fed to me these innocent childhood memories are tainted.

It’s no secret that the artificial chemicals that chickens are exposed to prior to consumption have some effect on the human body. The question as to what said effect actually is has remained unanswered… until now.

As most of us would already be aware, early hypotheses of the chemical effect of eating chicken claimed that the additional hormones given to the chickens that caused them to grow were having unforeseen effects on the pre-pubescent child eating it. Some of these suspected effects were stunts in the child’s growth, or even mental defects caused by a hormonal imbalance. Unfortunately, the truth is far worse than we could have imagined.

Original studies on the effects of chicken hormones, specifically growth hormones, revealed some truths about what it is we were eating. In a study conducted on rats, scientists were not-at-all surprised to find the hormonal additives from chicken had effects on the rat’s estrogen and testosterone levels. In this study, scientists also noted that after consuming the manufactured chicken food the rats subject to the experiment became lethargic and depressed after eating and tried to resolve this feeling by partaking in abnormal behaviour patterns that were starkly different to the rats on a standard diet.

Think for yourself! We all know from experience some of the effects eating chicken can have on ourselves in a physiological manner such as increased skin outbreaks, bowel problems afterwards, and most notably; mood swings. The rats in the study experienced these very same side effects, and the effects on us are completely parallel!

But it gets scarier…

Upon observing the behavioural patterns of young teens exposed to interactive screen media forms, psychologists questioned the teens with the highest levels of screen-time and tried to find a common factor in their lifestyles. The common factor found: a regular diet of manufactured chicken products. Fried, roasted, or barbequed, these teens had a heavy intake of these products and it has resulted in a crippling addiction to video games and screen media.

The reason for this is believed to be the same hormonal changes that were noted in the earlier study on rats. Teen eats chicken, teen get hormonal imbalance, teen exhibits abnormal behaviour patterns. But unlike the rats these teens were given untapped access to an outlet for their hormonal behaviour in video games.

Another childhood memory of mine was the first time I played Dr Mario on the SNES. When I was a child, video games were just coming into the mainstream. I would spend hours after school gaming in my room or at friend’s homes. Previously I held these memories fondly, but what my parents recall, what I only now acknowledge, is what was clearly an easily diagnosable case of video game addiction. An addiction brought onto me, not by natural causes, but by the curse of chemical imbalances in my childhood diet.

Again, this experience is not one unique to me. Without hesitation I am sure anybody could identify other people who were or are under the exact same circumstances and have had the exact same result.

My children do not know the tradition of eating a roast chicken dinner with the family every Sunday. In order to preserve them from the cruel hand of a preventable fate, there are some pleasures that must be withheld. A small price to pay for salvation.

Will you do the same?

If you are sick of these truths remaining unheard, follow our Facebook page at The Food Truth Project and find out else you are being lied to about what you put in your body.

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